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Donate to Japan!

2011-03-24 15:33:30 by ZingaProductions

Donate to JAPAN! ... NOW
Seriously guys...
Japan is having some serious issues, and you can help fix it by donating.
Click THIS link.. to donate...
all donations/payments we receive will go to Japan, until April 30th


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2011-03-24 20:28:05

are you insane?
don't you realize japan is still using reactors from the old generations (1940's) that are hard to control and highly inefficient?
they could've used geneartion III reactors, but they didn't cos the waste produced buy those older reactors can be purifiied easily.
japan was trying to produce weapons from the nuclear waste! the project was in total secercy until those japs were struck by an earthquake.
they deserved it!

if you donate $ to them, five years later, they will donate nuclear bombs and hell lot of fallouts to you.