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Moken's Aventures!

2011-03-05 15:14:16 by ZingaProductions

Moken's Adventure...
Moken, the 14 year old russian boy
Noka, the 14 year old russian girl..
there in love
but she is taken away from him...

Yes everyone, its a love story! you can prepurchase Moken's Adventure to save his loved one at http://zingaa.jimdo.com/
it will go for 0.99 untill the full version comes out! the full version will come out september 5th, 2011... beta comes out: july 7th, 2011

oh and, expected in 2 days is the teaser trailer for Moken's Adventures... it will be transfered to flash(swf) and loaded to newgrounds so you guys can all watch it!


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